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August 11, 2017

What is Trust?

Trust is the glue that holds the New Home Sales relationship together and is expressed repeatedly in your actions. This includes what you do and do not do. Simple things are key, such as returning phone calls immediately, being consistent in your words and actions. In this way, trust is an absolutely essential part of sales, as well as good company business in general. If trust is not present, your customers will not buy your home and live in your community.

Trust is an Investment

Building trust is not cheap, but it also does not cost money. It is an investment in your service and builder’s service to customers. The key here is that these trust investments pay off handsomely in improved profits, increased sales and a strong referral base. Remember, word-of-mouth marketing is the best way to generate new sales. When trust is high, customers go out of their way to tell others about your company and community. Remember…someone can be selling someone else for you before they have even bought!

Eliminate Customer Sacrifices

What do your customers have to agree to do in buying or building a with you? Moving? Selling? Packing? Leaving friends and family? Under Construction Neighborhood? Build Time? Decision making? Etc. Etc. Remove perceived customer sacrifices and by doing that you will build loyal customers and fans.

Competence and Credibility

Trust is built by showing competence and credibility. Competence is getting the job done quicker, faster and better than the competitors. It is expressed through knowledge of the customer needs, your homes/service and the ability your ability to work well with others. Credibility is your character, integrity and honesty. Only say what you really mean and be a person of integrity. Show genuine concern for the customer through giving and unselfish behavior. The focus is on the customer and their needs. Your agenda can never supersede their agenda!

Customers are Honest When Trust is Present

Don’t expect full honesty from people until trust is present. This is why objections really come from a lack of trust. Customers fear that you will take advantage of them if they share their shortcomings with you.  Especially people who have worked hard to earn the new lifestyle and home you are presenting to them! When a customer trusts you, they are more inclined to tell you how to meet their needs specifically.

How to Build Trust

Trust is built through frequent interactions. These interactions aka; Appointments; calls; emails; notes are your opportunity to build trust. Hence multiple interactions and appointments is in your future and is a good thing as a trust builder. In fact, any interaction you have with customers has an impact on trust. Communication is about trust, not technique. When trust is high, it is effortless; when low, it is a huge burden. Listening builds trust because it shows how much you value the customer. It meets a deep psychological need to be respected as a person. Listening is the single most important thing you can do to build trust. There is a big difference between listening and hearing! Remember to hear and not think over the greatest piece of information you may be receiving this is key to Trust!

Following are additional ways to build Trust:

  • Trust they will do the right thing with the right help
  • Return all phone calls immediately
  • Send handwritten thank-you notes as well as emails
  • Be extremely organized and dependable
  • Do something different and special, be creative
  • Handle complaints promptly with empathy and honesty
  • Offer great personal customer service; YOU!
  • Show sincere appreciation
  • Understand them
  • Know their STORY and their Happening…IS happening, DID happen, WILL be happening
  • Become a valuable resource to them
  • Create solutions that add value to them as individuals
  • Partner with them in their journey
  • Create a customer relationship as well as a  sale
  • Do not over-promise and do what you say you will do
  • Do something that is not expected
  • Always give more than expected
  • Do these things because they are the right thing to do but most importantly you enjoy doing them!

Always act in the best interest of your customers. Selling — in fact— is the process of building a trusting relationship with people. This is not a passing trend or sales technique, but a way of life. Make it your challenge to find at least three ways to build trust with every customer you meet!

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