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Kerry & Co. offers a variety of services, customized to meet your specific needs. We believe that the unique approach to selling is what each sales professional brings to their builder, their model and ultimately to their customers which makes them “different” from the competition. That is why we will work with you to choose the services that will be the most beneficial and cost effective for your company.

Additionally for your convenience, we conduct our sales training sessions in your model home or corporate office whenever possible. Kerry Mulcrone and her team’s specialty is building sales team morale and increasing productivity. Topics include but are not limited to:

Sales Training & Motivational Speaking – Maximize Professional Performance

One-to-one comprehensive detailing, large group performance and motivational sessions, on-site sales center training, broker management, lead identity and management, traffic and registration monitoring, partial or full-day impact sessions. Click here for a list of Kerry’s seminar topics.

Sales Management – Increase Sales and Profits

Mystery shopping, sales meeting consulting, customer satisfaction insight, broker outreach programs, sales strategies, budgeting, phone consultations, competetive market analysis, promotional event planning, issue management.

Model Home – Market Your Store

Merchandising consultation, presentation marketing, product design assistance, retail storefront consultation, model home development, sales center configuration, model park design assistance.

Leadership Path – Achieve Your Goals

Business goal development, paperwork and procedure consultation, new hire recruitment and evaluations, focus groups, market research, business planning, budgeting, personal profile evaluations, strategic alliance development.

Marketing – Promote Your Business

Brand positioning, communication planning, media planning and placement, broadcast, out-of-home, public relations, print, signage, one-to-one marketing, co-op advertising, websites, eMarketing, promotional items, collateral, community start-up, sales centers, wearables, product    development, budgeting.

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ICYMI: The Irreplaceable Human: Selling is Still a People-Powered Process!

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