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What a Show!

January 15, 2018
Happy Monday loaded with Caffeine right off the Builders Show!  85,000 attendees… that’s incredible!  Thank you to all that attended one of my education sessions!
For the next few weeks I will be giving you some thoughts from my friends; the experts, that they shared with audiences while in Orlando.
From the highly attend seminar High Tech & High Touch: The Formula for a Successful Home Buyer Experience Angela McKay from Lasso Data Systems says:
1. Multi-Channel & Omni-Channel
      a.  All channels are now connected- home, mobile, social media, web
2.  We should use Technology to Perform:
     a. Identity- who we are
     b. Visibility- How will buyers find you?
     c. Brand Credibility- What will your buyers think of you?
3. Communication
    a. Technology makes it easier to communicate.  Put yourself in your buyers shoes.
Stay tuned for next week for more Thoughts from the Experts!
P.S. I have to add Go Vikings… what a victory?!  #BringItHome 

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