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Kerry’s Korner- Summer 2018

June 14, 2018
Summer is here! With it (I hope) you have exciting plans sometime, somewhere if only a stay-cation! 
It’s a perfect time to refresh and reboot. We all know sometimes we come home from vacation and say, “I need a vacation from vacation!” The most important thing to remember in searching for that perfect time away from the crazy of life is…. spend it with those you love and savor the small things in life!

Here are a few tips to make sure you use your time to reboot your energy!

  • Detach from technology. It helps create time for the lost Art of conversations.
  • Day trips work as well as week trips to revitalize and energize the inner spirit.
  • Give attention to small things…see the beauty in things that everyday life misses.
  • Come home early enough to get organized for “back to life” it makes you want to go again!

Now onto my “Kidpreneurs” help your kids think outside the box this summer and stay sharp! Think of this Tony Hsieh (CEO of ZAPPOS) started a worm farm at the age of 9, already with the goal of becoming the number one worm farmer in the world!

I guess that speaks to setting goals…and summer is a great time to reinforce this to all parents…  you can develop their entrepreneurial spirit in becoming a “kidpreneuer”  to teach money management in their summer business as well as goal setting. Hint; even “home jobs” can be a creative business!

Here’s to happy and healthy summer to everyone!

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