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What are You Craving?!

August 31, 2020

We are all craving something in today’s world! How do you create memorable experiences and touch-points in your customers lives to satisfy their cravings?

Everything starts with knowing your customer! What do they love and what do they not love so much… I would guess that your customer feedback and surveys give you the answers as to how to deliver a lasting and memorable experience?!

One customer craves the best price, another a personalized offer or service and yet still another is hungry for knowledge and experience.

Dig deeper… Some customers hate dealing with comparing apples to apples, sorting out promotions, or best yet figuring out how to select “Why You?”  Listen to your customer, watch for their cravings and re-think how to connect with them at various touch-points in your buying and building process.  Embed these touch-points to satisfy those cravings at various stages in your customer interaction process.

I always say listen to the VOC… Voice Of your Customer… to be better!  Their likes, loves, dislikes and frustrations with your process are the “Key to satisfying cravings”

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