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October 6, 2020

In a world where so many things seem impossible consider everyday has a new possibility just waiting for you!

I have found that when I am open and looking for new possibilities, they seem to appear much more often than when I just sit and wait for one to show up!

Understand new possibilities might be disguised in something you are not looking for but are perfect for you.

The other day I was pondering what 2021 would hold for me personally and professionally? As a goal setter, I believe in starting early with these thoughts so that the ideas and actions follow behind.

As I am jotting notes my phone rings! In 2021 I will have the privilege of working again on a yearly basis with one of my favorite builders!

Did it happen because I was planning IN WRITING? Did it happen because I made a difference in their company last time? Did it happen because I was looking for return or new business?

I will never know the answer to that question completely. But what I do know is I was thinking of all the possibilities that lie ahead for me! Maybe it is the combination of everything we have done previously that lay the foundation for our tomorrows?

I believe that!

Start looking for new possibilities today… they are waiting for you to see them.

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