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January 3, 2022

As I write Caffeine with Kerry I also realize I am celebrating a whopping 36 years in the New Home Building Industry!  Milestones are important and worthy of reflecting upon.

What are your “Milestone Moments”?  The moments where you prospered, developed, learned and grew as an individual?

Do you have someone to thank? Of course you do!

To be More you have to do More. Not work more or earn more. Rather you must be reflective and thankful more often.  Be ready to take in more advice, more coaching, more support; the list goes on and on in the “More World”

Here’s my promise to my CWK Peeps in 2022 I will be there for any and all of you who are looking to “Be More” for yourself and others.

My top 10 More thoughts:

  1. The only thing better than laughing… is laughing More
  2. Being More Natural is More Authentic
  3. The More we know the better we understand
  4. The More you give the better you feel
  5. Prayers get better when they are done More often
  6. Gather More information to have better opinions
  7. As I get More mature (not older) I get More tolerant
  8. It’s better when you have More friends with you
  9. The More things in life you find to bring you joy is best
  10. The better we know each other the More we love each other

So in reflecting being better is the real game! However, doing More things to become better is the best!

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