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International Builder’s Show is the Super Bowl in the Building Industry

February 4, 2022

I am thinking Super Bowl thoughts will serve me well this week in CWK. I am off to the International Builder’s Show and have two speaking presentations and the audience deserves them to be “Touchdown Worthy”

Millions of people will watch the Super Bowl in a very short time. For some, it will be the game; for some it will be the party and food… for others it will be about the commercials, which by the way are usually pretty cool and my favorite part!

Here are some thoughts to ponder:

  • Practice does not make perfect. Perfect practice makes perfect; Vince Lombardi. Therefore, practice well and when you find yourself in a real-life situation, execute.
  • Teamwork wins Championships. There may be an MVP but they are always surrounded by a team that plays well together. Customer support is a team sport. Communication amongst departments is as valuable as a call from a coach to a quarterback to execute on.
  • Clock Management in football is running the clock down to prevent the other team from scoring, or strategic timeouts. In customer service for all of us it is no different; Time Management matters! Don’t let the clock run out on your relationship because you ran out of time.
  • Strategy, Tactics, and Empowerment. A strategy is always in place, but sometimes in the game tactics take over just like in our selling and customer service process. When find yourself in a new situation- make a new audible and empower yourself to best help your customer and yourself and company!

May the best team win and the commercials be great and you find some “Selling and Customer Service” analogy’s during the Game.

Join me at the International Builder’s Show:

  • Marketing Strategies for the Future: Level Out & Level Up

      We’ve survived quite a storm. A global pandemic, skyrocketing home demand, production delays and virtual everything—trying to manage it all has been hard enough, let alone thinking about a plan for the future. But as the clouds part and things begin to level out, now’s the time to reassess your marketing efforts and set a course that keeps you ahead of the competition. This Master Workshop has you covered! The Marketing Umbrella approach is about thinking broadly when it comes to research, strategy, branding, content, digital and experiential marketing. We’ll explore the five elements for building a marketing plan with low spend and big results, and dive deep into the most effective tools out there. No need to feel overwhelmed. Join us to get all the information in one place and leave with a framework for making the best marketing decisions for your company’s future.

  • Moving Beyond Clicks: The Skills, Tools & Mindset for the Modern Marketer

      Traditional marketing focuses on blogging, social media and email. While those tactics are still important, marketing is so much more. Yesterday’s marketer was focused on lead generation and conversion, while the marketer of today (and tomorrow) is equipped with a growth mindset and is focused on the entire customer journey. This session will tackle a marketing strategy that reflects and exceeds the desires of the digital-first shoppers and buyers. Examine the tools and tactics that the modern marketer needs for success both internally within their organization and externally to their market. And delve into the principles of the F.A.S.T. marketing approach: Forward-thinking, Act Decisively, Shift with Customers, and Track Relevant Metrics.

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