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Finding your personal MOJO

February 28, 2022

Looking for motivation? Lost your MOJO? It happens…take back control and start here! Direct from my words to your heart.

I often see people struggling with motivation who are actually motivated people! Sometimes they created their own bad habits. Today I am going to help with that. Learn the habits of highly motivated people and try what they do!

Motivate yourself both intrinsically and extrinsically. Continuously breath life into whatever you do!

Intrinsic motivation is more about finding your drive from the inside out.  Extrinsic motivation is more about rewards. The key is to use both.

A few of my personal motivating activities.

  • I am always asking myself Why I am doing something? What drives my purpose into passion?
  • I don’t limit my beliefs. I look at things as possibilities if only I were to try them.
  • I spend time on my core values. This always leads me to my true North. My biggie is Excellence!
  • I surround myself with catalysts; people who lift you up and make you become your best self.
  • I try not to say, “Why did I do that?” I rather say “How can I do better next time?”
  • I look for feedback loops. Get feedback close to the activity to become better.
  • I like to say I pull myself forward rather than push myself harder.

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