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Creating Blessings in the Workplace

April 18, 2022

We just came off a season where in many ways and different reasons we can all agree that we are blessed in a million little ways. Today’s Caffeine will take those feelings into the workplace and give them life amongst our Co-Workers, Colleagues and Teams.

Our choice of words often has more power than we realize. We are blessed in countless ways—spiritual, mental, emotional, and material. But the focus here is on blessing people with words. Our good words become the moment grace enters others’ lives.

Here are a few ways we can bless our co-workers through our words. Communication is always at the root of expressing gratitude and blessings.

  • Create Hospitality: Greet and be greeted!
  • Express Praise: When a job is well done, acknowledge it!
  • Foster Collaboration: Ask people to join don’t wait for the ask!
  • Consider Differences: There are multiple ways to view a situation.
  • Maintain an aura of contentment: Feeling fully blessed is felt & seen

I am fully blessed to have all of you as Caffeine with Kerry followers!

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