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September 27, 2022

Autumn is a time of change… and I personally get rejuvenated by the crisp air, and cool color changes we experience up here!

But here’s the thing I love most about Fall, the rejuvenation of ME. I find myself motivated both personally and professionally. And it is pure seasonal invigoration!

  1. I write more sales training and coaching from my heart… I love to be upfront and personal.
  2. I have extra energy for my builders and sales teams…and they give the energy right back.
  3. I organize my home…and put out my fall decorations…I will include a picture for fun😊
  4. I get back to my Wednesday’s at Youth Ministries at our church…love those kids.
  5. I go leaf color looking and it is the best in Minnesota & Wisconsin


So, what is your Fall/Autumn Motivation? Please do Share!

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