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Grit and Grace

March 29, 2023

In training I have talked about having Grit and Grace! I just found an example of it and wanted to share it with you!

I have been watching tons of March Madness (I am sure no surprise to you). I saw Grace after Grit exemplified in coach Jerome Tang from Kansas State.

While Florida Atlantic was celebrating in their locker room their victory of 79 – 76. An amazing showing of Grace occurred; a gentlemen entered the room; Jerome Tang the coach for Kansas State!  “Your toughness, your togetherness, your ability to make plays to each other, the way you communicate with each other, nobody can beat ya’ll. Those were the words Tang told the team from Florida Atlantic University. So just stay together, don’t get distracted between now and then. Stay locked in, keep doing what you are doing.”

That was a true grace and after having had his team play with true Grit for a whole game only to come up seconds short!

Grit & Grace, the best combination ever in my mind!

Final 4 Baby!   Let’s go FAU…

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