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Trust, Timing, & Tactfulness

April 25, 2023

Today let’s talk about the 55 + Market! I will use “We” and “Us” in my reference as I fit the bill! You can apply these thoughts to any market you sell and build in, I am busy in this arena.

Working with the 55 + group is all about “Trust, Timing, & Tactfulness.” When we trust you, our time frame may change and our story as well!

  1. Tell me about the new lifestyle and floor plans with “special places and spaces”.  However; if you  show me and I understand my emotion kicks in.
  2. Family Matters! Listen & Learn more about those important decision makers. Now you have made a friend. People buy from people they like & trust.
  3. Follow up and follow through. We may be forgetful, but we always remember being appreciated!
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