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Pickleball, Relationships, & Team Building

March 28, 2024

Playing Pickleball is making me realize the similarities between the game, sales, relationship & team building.

  • Meeting at the Court; making introductions, catching up with everyone and often meeting new friends is similar to our meet and greet with new leads & customers.
  • The Serve; is like our first impression; it needs to be fast, strong, and accurate to keep the game going.
  • The Rally; Back and Forth in pickleball is akin to conversations and relationship building in sales. You need to actively listen, work together, and respond quickly and thoughtfully.
  • The Smash; There are parallels to an opportunity to smash in pickleball when that moment is presented to you. That same timely moment occurs when we get a closing moment of opportunity and go for it.
  • After the Smash; Be ready because it is coming back to you! Not unlike managing objections, stalls, we need to be prepared and ready.
  • Doubles Play; There are definitely dynamics in doubles play not unlike teamwork in Sales. You are only as strong as your partner! Play to each other’s strengths and abilities. Collaboration is the name of the game.
  • The game goes on; you have multiple opportunities to stay in the game when the serve changes. Our conversations and questions give us the opportunity to stay the game by providing ongoing value and being resourceful.

Don’t Get “Pickled” by not scoring any points!

Use your Process and Relationship skills to Win Sales!

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